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“Gabby came to my house last week to pamper my pup! Seriously- easiest 15 mins of my life.... she clipped her nails, grinded/filed them too, brushed her teeth and cleaned her ears!! It was very inexpensive, not to mention, AMAZING!!!! I was PUMPED about this for days afterward because it was one less thing I had to do for my dog, I didn’t have to take my dog anywhere or even clean up after. Macey loved it too :-) Gabby talks to the pet the way you do, as the owner, which always speaks volumes about the person caring for your animal. This is a service I will continue to take advantage of and highly recommend you do the same!”
— Melissa
“My dog is so relaxed with Gabby! He came from a shelter and has had a lot of fears. He absolutely has no worries with Gabby and he always looks awesome when he is done! Highly recommend!”
— Edie
“Gabby’s ability to get the job done with a no stress loving attitude really makes Coco’s grooming experience enjoyable. Coco loves Gabby!”
— Stuart
Gabby did such a great job giving our (feline) babies a much needed grooming. She was sweet and patient with each of them, even when they were not being totally cooperative! You can tell Gabby really cares about the animals she works with. Thanks again!
— Heather