Full Service Groom

🐾  Pre bath brush out

🐾  Nail clip

🐾  Ear cleaning

🐾  Shampoo & conditioning

🐾  Towel dry

🐾  Blow dry

🐾  Brush out

🐾  Breed specific cut/haircut of choice


Brush Out Only (ideal option for cats)

🐾  Thorough brushing

🐾  Nail clip

🐾  Ear cleaning

🐾  Haircut optional upon request


Add On Services

🐾  Conditioner/remoisturizing treatments

🐾  De-skunking

🐾  Flea & tick drops

🐾  Flea & tick shampoo

🐾  Furminator treatment (shampoo, condition, & brush out)

🐾  Nail dremeling (dogs)

🐾  Pawdicure (nail caps)

🐾  Teeth brushing

🐾  Waterless foam shampoo

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As a way to give back and help shelter animals put their best paw forward we provide complementary services to dogs and cats in local shelters and foster care. We want to make a difference in getting more pets adopted and looking their best for their forever homes.