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Do you groom cats?

Yes, all of the services offered for dogs, can be performed on cats as well. If the cat has low temperament, partial services are also offered to keep your cat comfortable and happy.

Can cats be bathed?

Yes, it is okay to bathe cats. They do not need bathing from humans nearly as often as dogs, because of their built in bathing equipment (tongue and teeth) they use. But if your cat is old and struggles doing it on their own, is mating easily, or just gets into something stinky or sticky it is okay to help them out with a nice bath.  

Do you offer flea & tick treatments/removal?

Yes, we do both! It is recommended to use the flea and tick drops 48 hours after the pet is groomed. We offer drops for prevention as well as helping to rid a newly discovered infestation.

It is important to inform your groomer prior to their appointment if you think your pet may potentially have infestations so they can plan accordingly. For removal we have both the drops for after the groom as well as a flea and tick shampoo that helps to leave behind as many unwanted pests as possible.

Do you offer de-skunking appointments?

De-skunking appointments are available upon request. Do NOT apply water to the fur; once water hits their coat the smell seeps into their fur and skin deeper making the smell stick around longer. Please call for more details.

Do you do anal glands?

At this time releasing of anal glands is NOT an offered service. Most pets should naturally release their anal glands, but it is best to have this service done through your family vet, if necessary. If done wrong, it can lead to discomfort and health issues for your pet.


They must be up to date on all shots for our protection. It also protects your pet by limiting their exposure to risk of infection.